Dream Log #5


I’m in this desert. 

With rolling hills of orange sand, rippled with the wind. I’m with this bunch of teenagers like me, and I’m riding on this scooter, shooting down a sand road. There are other people racing beside me, but instead of a scooter, they’ve got those small, toy cars that kids can sit in and pretend to be real car drivers. And the cars were yellow and had a black stripe down their hoods.Other people had scooters too, but I remember I was really good at scootering. I did this swerve thing, and a wave of sand sprayed out as I turned. That was really cool.

Somehow we had to stop riding around the desert and it was time to pack and go back (to who knows where). So I followed this Old man with a white beard (He was european for some reason) and we walked down a path, which led to this tropical jungle vegetation. (Scenes change really easily in my dreams even if they make no sense.) There was this gushing, huge river in front of us, and there was this long, suspended wooden bridge going across it. It was hanging dangerously, way above the river, and as I stepped onto it, I looked down onto the river and saw what looked like the snout of a hippo cruising down the river. And then another, and another, and I realised the river was full of them. 

I quickly ran to the Old man who was ahead of me and I frantically told him, “There’s something in the river, quick look!” Now there were a few young men ahead of us, I think they were jungle explorers. 

We quickly rushed through the bridge but just as we reached the end, I see my friend, Wei Qian at the start of the bridge, and I call her to come over quickly. I had this bad feeling about the hippos, see. 

Suddenly this Greyish, alien-looking creature with large black, almond shaped eyes appeared right next to me, and somehow someone tossed me a sword. Well, It looked more like the kind of tool you’d use to smoothen out the icing of a cake (I forgot what it’s called) Anyway, I grabbed the ‘sword’ and Jabbed it into the creature, and it didn’t move. So I took another swing at it’s neck, and the sword sliced cleanly through but the head didn’t slide off or anything, it just stayed.

Then I look down and there’s another one of them creatures standing right below me (they were quite short) and I stuck the sword into it and kept slicing it._.

Then I woke up.

and I really wanted to finish the story properly so I imagined I kicked them all into the river and saved everyone.



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