Daily resolution part 2

4) To thank God for everything

Even if it’s a little rocky now from time to time… Even if things don’t go as I’d like to. It’s something I didn’t really think much about last year.

Having a thankful heart sure is tough. But sometimes I just wake up feeling great thinking of everything that God has given me. For seeing me as me and not Rachel the sinner. (Something I was reminded of watching ‘Touched by an Angel’)

Especially with this great golden sunlight shining on my face.

Having a thankful heart makes every bad road not that bad at all, because then I’d be thankful that at least there is a road for me to walk on in the first place.

And to not complain. Man.. This is a tough one too. Complaining just increases the pity I have for myself, and the pity people have for me.

I guess there’s a difference between complaining and sharing. I have to watch my tone. Complaining about something means that I don’t accept what’s happening and I’m just always yelling (in my heart of course) “WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY”

( WOOPS I just smacked someone in the head holding the handrail in the MRT. )

Anyway err, well, yeah, to be thankful! More thankful. ( but obviously not to be thankful for smacking someone in the head._.)


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