Dream Log #6

I’m yelling at a child, in front of her playmates. She’s not even crying, she’s just smirking and not listening at all. She’s got attitude alright, the kind that just asks people for slaps. Her parents have given up on her, and I’m yelling at her to listen to me and the attitude that she has really stinks. None of her playmates are doing anything, they’re just watching her with empty faces.

Then she runs away and calls me names and tries to get away from me, and I feel really fed up and I feel like giving up on her too. So I hide somewhere (I think it was a toilet) and wait till she comes back. Then I drag her with me and squat down in front of her. (At this point of time I think I woke up a little)

Instead of shouting now, I grabbed her shoulders and knelt down, speaking softly and slowly to her, “At this rate, no one will like you, you know. Do you really want people to hate you? Do you really want all your friends and family here to hate you? If you don’t change, you’ll live a very lonely life, you might even die alone. Don’t you want to change?”

Then I woke up.

I would have liked to think it went on something like this after that:

The girl cries and says in between sobs, “I don’t want to die alone.”

And I’ll say, “Well, you be good and nice to people, and people won’t start leaving you alone now, will they?”


I hope that was what happened.


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