Perfect timing

Something I’ve learned from watching ‘touched by an angel’, is that there’s never a “too late” or “too early” situation in our lives.

There’s always a reason for why some things happen and some things don’t.

It may take a week for me to find out, or maybe even a year, ten years, or maybe I’ll never really know why what happened happened for the rest of my life!

It may be one small little thing that God wants me to learn first, before I get to be anyone else, because it would make all the difference. Or it could be a situation to avoid, or something I don’t know!

But… All I can do is pray that He will give me the patience that I need and to just wait upon The Lord. Not be some kiasu auntie trying to a cut a queue in NTUC.

I’ll get my basket of tau fu and minced chicken meat and chicken stock and vegetables when I get it, You know? When it’s time. The right time.

That was a really bad analogy.

All I can do is trust that…

God’s timing is perfect timing.


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