There’s just a certain charm about a winding narrow alley filled with stairs and pipes and mouldy walls.

I always have the urge to go into one when I see it. 

I guess this came to me after watching studio ghibli’s ‘The Cat Returns’. Like, doesn’t it feel so cool? You don’t know what’s at the end of it, or what you may find. Alley’s are streets that people don’t go into. They just don’t. Which makes them all the more secretive and mysterious. I used to go around my neighbourhood on my bicycle, especially around areas with loads of bungalows and terrace houses. Oh those places are the best. I’d hunt for these alleys, and when I find one that’s deep enough to walk a fair distance into, I’d dump my bike and just go for it.

Some of them may really be drains with cracked staircases running along the sides. Some may just be the spaces between houses lined with mouldy red-bricked walls. I find them very colourful and interesting. Especially when there’s all sorts of ancient looking things lying all around. Like say a broken pot, or a broom, or even an abandoned cage. 

I always hoped I’d find something wonderful at the end. Just like in ‘The Cat Returns’. But I never really did.

But that feeling of hope and anticipation and adventure as I creep along these magical pathways are good enough for me!


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