I don’t know how people can survive just sitting in a box the entire day staring at a computer screen replying email after email after email.

Today I tried escaping office work to be a games station master instead. I really like it. At least I’m talking to people and not spending alone time with an electronic screen. It sucks life out of me. I really do not like doing admin technical stuff.

Is this how adults become adults? Like when they don’t know what it’s like to have fun anymore. Or when they think it’s not important anymore.

I read on a Pokemon fan page:

We don’t stop playing because we’ve grown up, we grow up because we stop playing.

Wow. That is really quite the eye opener.

I don’t want to grow up to be ‘that’ kind of an adult. I hope I don’t. I hope I never forget to find fun in the day. To treasure it. Even in ushering ministry, I’ve already started to forget why fun is important. I’ve been too technical, too stressed and it’s making me not enjoy what I do at all.


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