Rachel’s Report of the Day

It feels a little odd to be a part of the morning rush now. 

And it’s been a while since my days had to do with time on a clock. And dragging myself out of bed. Crowded trains, smashing yourself into someone else’s butt. And papers. And Microsoft excel. And a printer/scanning/photocopier that goes at super speeds and is like some kind of a miracle. I could give it a stack load of papers and it’d chug them all in and I would bob my head to the rhythm it makes. Ch-Chugga-ch-chug. Something like that. Jairia told me it could even staple papers for you! 

I’d spend a morning stacking things and staring at a screen and tapping away at keyboard. Since Jairia’s going off to Thailand tomorrow I’d probably spend lunch alone tomorrow. I think I kinda know what I’ll eat too. 

I’ll probably bring a book down to read, to make the minutes fly by. 

By afternoon it’d be Game station time! My favourite part, although it gets really tiring after a while. Saying the same thing again and again. Repeating the same jokes to make the kids laugh. My favourite part is when they call me, “Cher Cher! Teacher!” And when they think I’m twenty years old. Ha ha. 

And in between there’d be some chatting with the other Game station masters. Quite a funny bunch. But they’re always different everyday somehow. And everyday would be different because of them. But it’s nice getting to know new people. They are just so different! From the people I’m usually around.

I try to remember their names. Aquilah, Ryan, Andy, Lionel… well, that’s about the names I do remember for now._. But it’s OKAY because I’m much better at faces.

Flicking through the surveys, and thousands and thousands of names with Jairia was pretty fun! I now know the most common names so far. Jarred. Benjamin. Ryan. Bryan. Dylan. The girl names were much more unique so I can’t really remember most of them. But these names… Whoa, really really popular. Maybe people give in more thought when naming girls. 

I was so happy to have found someone named Hayden. Two, Actually. I really like that name.

There were two girls named Angel. And one named Jewel. I wonder what it’d be like to have a name like that. 

 I can’t quite put my mind around how many people there are! I’ve still got loads of surveys to do.

There’s this one guy in the office that always makes Jairia crack up. He kind of looks like that Korean star Lee Min Ho, and he sits right next to us, so we get the privilege of having free entertainment. He talks to himself. And his pen. In a fake hong kong accent. “Harro Excuze Me! What is you doing?” He says to his pen when it runs out of ink. Hahahahah. Hilarious stuff.

But when he explains things to Jairia he sounds like a perfect, gentle, sane, office worker. 


Oh but today we were told that we couldn’t read our books in the office. And i’m really not quite happy about that:( I’m almost done with a book but I can’t bring it out of the office. It belongs to the office library (Which is basically just a bookshelf). What’s the point of having a library when no one really reads those books?! And they have really good books! I would have expected they’d have some tarty old books that no one would ever want to read, the kind our school library has loads of, but they have some really recent and hip stuff actually! If books can be hip.


But there are always times when I just end up staring into space for a while. It could be in the middle of typing, or while waiting for a bunch of students. Or even while slicing a stack of papers, or walking from place to place. And I can only think of one thing. But I just shake it away and carry on when I realise what i’m doing. It’s really quite sad if you think about it. :/

It’ll be worse tomorrow because I’ll be alone. And Ryan’s not going to be in tomorrow, so Game station-wise I’m pretty much alone too. I don’t know how I’m going to survive a week like this. I will, just, how will I ever enjoy it? 

I’m just glad that my Grandma’s coming over tomorrow, so I don’t have to have lonely nights too.

I’m going to appreciate school a lot more now. 

I wonder how things are going on his side. Probably not as lifeless as mine is. Or dull. With probably a lot more people. And I don’t think he’s got time to stare into space. 

*shakes head*

Well, anyway, thank you for tuning into Rachel’s report of the day. Let’s just hope that tomorrow’s report will see clearer skies and lots and lots of wind. Slight chance of drizzle though. Hopefully it doesn’t blow up into a thunder storm.

Man, I sound like a cat woman. Well, actually I don’t mind having a cat.

I have to go back to my Usher Day planning now. 

Or maybe I should disturb Wei Qian and call her for an hour. 

Or maybe I should bathe first.

Or maybe I should do both. (It’s been done before)


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