Lunch Break

I spent more time than I should have looking for this hahaha.
I spent more time than I should have looking for this hahaha.

Well. Almost Lunch Break. I have about half an hour to go, but hey! I deserve a teeny little break.

Maybe I’m starting to feel a little better here.

I have a couple of fish sticks sticking out of my mouth like a farmer chewing hay. And I’m discreetly propping my legs up on a few old cardboard boxes under the table. I really can’t work too long on a computer without putting my legs in some horrible pose. But it’s okay, no one can really tell by just walking past.

I’ve been moved out of my lovely table next to the free entertainment guy, to this lonely corner in the office. This desk has wires strewn everywhere, plugs and everything. No one uses this desk. I don’t really like wires. But it’s okay, At least I’m not in the middle of everyone! Here no one notices me at all and I can just sit and do my own things quietly. Like listen to music. And lip sing it out loud like I’m in a karaoke. With my headphones of course.

I should really stop snacking on fish snacks and Choco mint the whole day. I could start a wrapper collection soon.

With the music in the background, and when I’m alone, I always feel like I’m in some sort of music video. I quite like that feeling.

Which…leads to the urge of me wanting to lip sing it out. I wish I could really sing out loud:( But bobbing my head and swaying left and right should do. Wonder why people don’t do this more often at work when they’re doing some boring excel sheet.

I guess I should head down now. I feel like….hmmm… honestly I have no idea what to eat.

But I have to wash my cup first. It’s been sitting on my table the entire morning with cereal bits stuck in it.



I’ll try to get to know people a bit more today during game station time! Make more kids smile. or laugh at my stupid lame jokes and comebacks for their cheekiness. I’ll do my best:D

Afternoon here I come!



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