One moment

In stories, there’s always just one moment where everything changes.

I wonder if it happens in real life too. Like if everyone is just heading towards some point of time in life where something happens and the whole world turns upside down (or right side up).

Examples of stories with moments:

1) Harry Potter finds out that he’s a wizard.

2) Bella meets Edward

okay maybe these aren’t very good examples. So I shall stop here.

Well, you know, in movies or books, perhaps a parent divorce, death of a loved one, a huge mistake, transferring school, meeting the wrong people, getting into a gang, taking drugs, finding a new talent, and the list goes on.

Something just happens when your life will never be the same again.

Will there ever be anyone who won’t have that moment? That something?

I wonder if it’s already happened to me or if something in the future would shake my world even more.

It could be a bad or a good thing. But it’s usually a bad thing. I know I know, I shouldn’t live constantly in fear of the future and to trust that God will always be there no matter what!! But it’s just something to wonder about.

I realise I wonder about a lot of things… don’t I? I wonder if this will do me any good. (See what I did there?)


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