The parable of the mushroom keychains

While I was in japan, I came across this gachapon machine that was selling life-like mushroom keychains that were squishy. I really like real-life small stuff, so I went to try it out with 200¥, and I was really hoping for one of the cool colourful ones. The red cap one. Or the shiitake one. […]

Dream Log #9

Nope I did not make a mistake I skipped #8 because I thought it was really too personal and only told Jairia IN FACT she helped me interpret it. And the meaning behind it was actually really really cool because somehow subconsciously my brain was making deep metaphors of my life! But too personal so… […]

Getting inspired

It’s a little hard to get inspired sometimes. For art. Or writing. It’s not that there’s nothing inspiring around us at all, it’s just that our brains aren’t sensitive enough to them. Maybe they are really calling out to you in soft whispers… “Here I’m here look at me!” (Well actually that sounds a little […]

The sad part.

How exactly do you fill up a big, gaping, missing hole for someone who’s not there anymore? I notice it everyday. And it’s always there. I can feel it. Sometimes it gets a little numb and I don’t feel it anymore when I’m distracted. But when I’m alone with myself, It comes back again. I […]

The Thanks list #1

Today I’m thankful for… Flying above night skies, safe landings and that nostalgic feeling of home. Of being able to appreciate home more, and seeing how beautiful Singapore is. Of learning how easy it is to be immune to pretty things you see everyday. I’m thankful for scooters, and warm afternoon winds that flood my […]

Family heirlooms

Is it weird that sometimes when I buy things I keep in mind that I could one day pass these down to my children._. Like the last time I got some kinokuniya book store vouchers from a writing competition, I got a really cool looking Peter Pan book for almost 40 dollars._. It wasn’t that […]

Dream log #7

This is probably one of the most bizarre dreams that will forever and ever give me the creeps on what the deepest parts of my brain hold._. I dreamt that my grandfather was actually Robert Downey Jr. Who was living a double life. I was his grandchild._. And while filming he’d be touched up a […]


I don’t know if I would consider myself a nervous flyer. I think I was pretty nervous on the plane. But it was the excited kind of nervous that still leaves you scared and worried. The exact same thing I’d feel just before a roller coaster cart starts to move. I know there’s nothing to […]

On Hugs and …. Stuff

So I’m on the train now to the airport and I feel like writing hehehe. Today was my last day at work and we were all saying our goodbyes, and then one of them held out his arms to hug me. I kind of just froze. Because he was very tall. And very big. And […]

Before I fly away

I just cleared up a lot of photos from my phone to make space for the millions of photos I’ll be taking in japan. You know sometimes I just scroll through pictures and I’d get sucked into the past. I did that for half an hour last night, and looking through, I could somehow feel […]