Dream log #6

OKAY, actually I forgot most of the dreams I had this week so I’ll write down the points I do remember.

1) Jairia sent me this long long text message of how much she loves me. (As a friend. A friend._.) and she started telling me how wonderful I am. Really! It was about a thousand words long! And then I was in a mall and I was trying out these hair straighteners, the kind that burns you, but I was curling my hair with them.

2) I’m in this hotel, and there are loads of secret underground basements and I remember I was exploring them with someone but I can’t remember. And then I told the person that the phantom of the opera roams around here somewhere. And we tried to find the phantom. We found him in some basement-like area with drains and pipes and metal grills and musty smoke. He was wearing a grey T shirt that had a cartoon on it and a beard. And was a little on the plump side. Totally not phantom-ish at all. Which was a big disappointment. Because I was a fan of the phantom. A fantom. Get it.

That’s all.

Something is really very very wrong with my brain at night.

Maybe it’s my brain’s way of fighting off everything that I keep thinking about before I sleep. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t think of… Things. But if there ever is a day when I don’t think of…. Things… I think I’d feel very sad:(

Part of me doesn’t want to think of things because sometimes, instead of smiling I feel lost. And pain. But I don’t want to forget anything!

Let’s not make this a sad post so I shall end right here.

Maybe I’ll write a little more on this some other time.

And here’s a smiley face



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