Why I am a sotong.

1) coming back from work. My parents had to go for a function in yishun. I wanted to eat dinner with Jairia. But I couldn’t find my house keys. So I told my mum to leave the keys in the right mouldy shoe that was outside the door.

But my parents were super paranoid and worried about the keys and asked me to get home quickly. So I couldn’t have dinner with Jairia. I was so sad. And irritated. Because i really wanted to eat dinner with Jairia. I rushed back home. On the way back on the MRT I looked inside my bag and found… My keys.


2) I couldn’t find my hair band anywhere since last night so this morning I asked Jairia if I could borrow hers. She told me to remember to give it back to her later. After work at home, after taking a shower (at like 11pm), I looked down at my arms and see her hair band on my left arm. Then I found another band on my right. It was mine and it had been there all this while.


Just something silly I thought I might want to remember in the future.


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