Before I fly away

I just cleared up a lot of photos from my phone to make space for the millions of photos I’ll be taking in japan.

You know sometimes I just scroll through pictures and I’d get sucked into the past. I did that for half an hour last night, and looking through, I could somehow feel the atmosphere in that picture, how I was feeling, that memory come alive again. Really! I’m not just describing this in that cliched movie thing, I really feel like I’ve been sucked into that moment for just a few seconds before I flick to the next picture!

And some pictures I just stop and stare at them for a long long time. I wish I could step back into that exact moment, but I can only stare like a creep._.

I’m planning to cut down on the amount of pictures I take there in japan though. To not feel like every moment is worth taking. Nope, every moment should be fully experienced with my eyes and not though a phone screen.

Then I’ll take a few pictures so I’ll remember these things. Yep. That’s what I’ll do.

I’ll try to write some during my trip, but I don’t know if I’ll have the time or energy or BATTERY POWER HAHHA. But I do want to write!

And I have a lot of Kit Kats to buy.

Today was my second last day at work. I think I’ll really miss hanging out with a lot of people there. I just hope my new class will be like them. I always worry about whether I can make good friends in my new school, but well, if I can make friends in work, I’m sure I can! ( at least this is what I tell myself in comfort)

I think all our friends were intentionally placed into our lives by God. Either to change them or to be changed. Or to learn or teach. Like how … How did that saying go again?? Like how a plank of wood rubs against another to form something sharp… I think. Something like that.

Which is kinda cool. We don’t meet people on accident. We aren’t lucky to have them. We were blessed with the people around us and it’s fate!

I think I went a little off track with what I had intended to write. (Like I always do)

I should sleep early for a long day tomorrow.

I can’t wait to take off on a plane!! And soar into the clouds and over the darkness. Actually I don’t think I’ll be able to see a thing:( cons of a midnight flight. But at least I get to see sunrise over a horizon!!

Man, I really like that feeling when the plan jerks up from a heart pumping acceleration down the runway, and when it tilts up and up and suddenly you see the world sink below you getting smaller and smaller.

How can anything like that stay up in the air so long it’s like magic.


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