Dream log #7

This is probably one of the most bizarre dreams that will forever and ever give me the creeps on what the deepest parts of my brain hold._.

I dreamt that my grandfather was actually Robert Downey Jr. Who was living a double life. I was his grandchild._. And while filming he’d be touched up a lot which is why he looks a little different. (Not that my grandfather looks anything like RDJ but in my dream it was so real!)

I can’t really remember what happened. It was more of an idea-thought with images and random scenes. I woke up in my hotel room still believing it and I was so flattered to have the genes of a movie star HAHAHAHA.

But when my grandfather talked he still sounded and acted like himself. Just that the idea that he was actually Ironman kinda stuck in my head during the dream.

I don’t know. I really have no idea.


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