Family heirlooms

Is it weird that sometimes when I buy things I keep in mind that I could one day pass these down to my children._.

Like the last time I got some kinokuniya book store vouchers from a writing competition, I got a really cool looking Peter Pan book for almost 40 dollars._.

It wasn’t that I haven’t heard of that story before or that I desperately wanted to read it, I just thought it was really really cool. It has a thick, light green, leather cover with silver letters spelling out Peter Pan, and a really nice dark blue illustration on the front. And also a silver bookmark. It looked like a real classic. And I immediately fell in love with it (in a more materialistic sense haha). It would be such a nice book to be in a bedtime story bookshelf with all the other fairy tales that I could read to my children one day.

I think I bought it when I was in sec three. And honestly, the main reason why I bought it was because I thought it’d be such a cool family heirloom thing to pass down! You know? Maybe one day these classic fairy tale books bound in leather will be so rare and precious, and how magical would it be for a little kid to have one of these?! It gives me a nice warm feeling when I think about a kid reading this book under the covers. With a torchlight. But… It’s kind of hard to read, the English being super high standard and all.

And so I bought it. Well actually it was free because of the vouchers.

And also I recently got loads of studio Ghibli merchandise (YEAAAAAAHHHHH!) and I kept having this thought of how perhaps my future children will have these little figurines too. Of Totoro, and the Catbus, and Jiji, and make up stories for them too. And of course the Laputa stone!! The light that it emits gives a really magical, surreal feel to it, and I can almost imagine it starting to float up towards the sky.

“You know what this is?” I’d say, “this is a very very special stone that will help you create lots and lots of worlds. And one day, you’ll get so good at it that you won’t need it anymore!”

And then I’d tell the story of laputa and how it was formed.

Ahh really. That’s what I love about children is that it’s so easy for them to create things and believe them. Their make belief play is really the best. Like how you could turn a bed, two pillows and five bolsters into a spaceship and sit in it and imagine yourself flying. (I’m a master at making vehicles with bed stuff)

But if you wanted it to have another two seats at the back, you’d need a lot more pillows. A lot more. Plus if you want a dashboard with all the controls you’d need those hard flat ones.

There aren’t any wing parts so you’d have to make do with pretending they are there. And of course you’d have to turn on the air-con if not it won’t have the same feel.

Where was I… Oh yes family heirlooms. Yeah.. I wish I had cool family heirlooms. Like an antique music box.

OH! My grandparents have this huge cupboard full of things they have collected over the years. I used to play with them and ask them where they got everything from. But they were all so delicate and fragile so I couldn’t do much but touch them and stare at them. I liked the song of this particular music wind up thing though. But it didn’t look antique-ish at all.

And if I don’t end up having any children… Well, I guess I’ll volunteer at a kindergarten. Or give them away. Maybe not give them away. But I’d definitely get a big, big, dog.

I wonder if in heaven, will God create all sorts of worlds for us to explore. Beautiful worlds. Really magical ones with flying stuff everywhere. And rainbow coloured trees. You know? To let us enjoy His creations.


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