The Thanks list #1

Today I’m thankful for…

Flying above night skies, safe landings and that nostalgic feeling of home.

Of being able to appreciate home more, and seeing how beautiful Singapore is. Of learning how easy it is to be immune to pretty things you see everyday.

I’m thankful for scooters, and warm afternoon winds that flood my ears. Of Mcdonalds and whizzing through crowded markets.

For clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds. And greener trees that seem to glow. And the warmth of the sun. And old baggy shirts and shorts.

And open roads where no one can hear me scream out my favourite songs as I cycle. And downhill paths that I can zoom down on.

For indie folk music that makes everything seem like a life adventure.

For a friend to spend the afternoons slacking with. Random chit chat over weird DIY sweet kits.

For being able to spend three hours decorating and making fake donuts.

And laughter. And the carefree-ness. The lightness I feel in my every being.

Of no worries. And pain. Of comfort.

And for being reminded of happy memories from the past every corner.

And the golden sun again in the evening magic hour.

Today was a great day! ^ – ^

And I’m thankful for it!


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