Getting inspired

It’s a little hard to get inspired sometimes.

For art. Or writing.

It’s not that there’s nothing inspiring around us at all, it’s just that our brains aren’t sensitive enough to them.

Maybe they are really calling out to you in soft whispers… “Here I’m here look at me!” (Well actually that sounds a little creepy)

Next week as Jairia heads for Korea I won’t have anyone to talk to at night, which means I’ll kind of be just alone in my room with myself. I hope I’ll be able to at least come up with some art or writing during this period. It’s like a self retreat just for me and my brain to work! (I do spend a lot of my nights on my phone)

So I shall throw my phone into the pits of the darkness under my pillow and make sure my brain is totally free from anything of my usual daily life and reality. That sounds chim but really it’s just me not getting distracted from reality.

It’s funny how most of the time we are told to not be distracted by day dreams.

And now I get to tell myself to do the opposite.


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