Dream Log #9

Nope I did not make a mistake I skipped #8 because I thought it was really too personal and only told Jairia IN FACT she helped me interpret it. And the meaning behind it was actually really really cool because somehow subconsciously my brain was making deep metaphors of my life! But too personal so… Yup.

Actually I can’t remember much about this dream. I was suddenly reminded of it. A fleeting snapshot.

Here’s what I remember:

I was trying to prove to Spider-Man that I could fly. I had this camera thing that could take videos and it felt so cool.

The setting was some sort of floating wooden island. I think.

And I remember I was staying with someone. Spider-Man. Maybe. But I keep feeling that there’s this old man somewhere… And there was one part with a lot of action….ARGHHH it was a really cool dream and I totally forgot about everything.

The feeling this dream gives me feels so cool!! But I can’t remember what it was about!! I thought I might recall something if I tried to write it but oh well.

Oh but now I get a flashback from another dream I had. I think I dreamt it a few times before. I’m in this island resort and a lot of people are wading and swimming in the sparkling blue ocean. And I run around and explore the island. But then I dive into the ocean from a really talk cliff but it didn’t feel tall at all and I think something bad happened I can’t remember.

I should really write these things down more often.


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