The parable of the mushroom keychains


While I was in japan, I came across this gachapon machine that was selling life-like mushroom keychains that were squishy.

I really like real-life small stuff, so I went to try it out with 200¥, and I was really hoping for one of the cool colourful ones. The red cap one. Or the shiitake one.

I clapped my hands twice for good luck (I don’t know it just feels nice) and then slowly turned the knob. The plastic ball came rolling down and I picked it up gingerly with my hands.

I popped it open, and was a little disappointed.

Well, actually I was very disappointed. I got this boring, small, plain white button mushroom. It was the most boring looking one out of the whole collection, and you couldn’t even tell it was a mushroom from the top view.

I tried to comfort myself. “Yeah it’s pretty cute actually.”

And “hey, at least it’s the only mushroom I’ve eaten tons of times before. It fits.”

I know it’s a little dumb to be so worked up over a small mushroom keychain, but I honestly felt like I lost.

But I hanged it in my bag anyway.

And then I had an idea. I convinced myself to have another go on the machine and I’d give the other one to Wei Qian.

And so I turned the knob again, and out came this really cool looking mushroom with a black cap and white dots. Plus it looked so real and cool and it was rubbery unlike my foam button mushroom.

I admit I wanted to keep that one for myself, but, I felt bad for the button mushroom that has been faithfully accompanying me all this while, and it kinda grew on me a little, so I decided to give it a chance. I told Wei Qian she could choose which one she wanted and she’d get it.

Inside, I really wished she would somehow prefer the button mushroom instead. But nope. Obviously she chose the cooler looking one.

And so I grudgingly gave her the other mushroom. I know it’s very mean of me but I couldn’t help but feel that way.

But… As the days went by, I realised how much more the button mushroom was meant for me. Even though it wasn’t made of the cool rubber the other one was, it was made of a light foam material and didn’t weigh anything. Which was really good for my active and reckless lifestyle in which I treated all my bags. I didn’t have to worry about it snapping off, or being damaged, especially since I rode my bike with my bag slung around my shoulders all the time.

And it was also short. Like me. And the other mushroom was tall. Like Wei Qian. Haha. Ha.

Plus, I really liked squishing it. I just unconsciously squish it from time to time.

Oh yes the other mushroom was really beautiful and amazing, but it was also delicate and had to be treated with care (which I was definitely not cut out for dealing with).

And so slowly… I grew to appreciate it more and see it’s beauty and practically. And how perfect it was for me.

SO ANYWAY. Point of this whole story is….

It’s kind of like life.

Sometimes, God won’t give you that really pretty cool looking mushroom you’ve always wanted. Sometimes he’d give you the only thing you didn’t want, or the last thing you ever expected.

But there’s always a reason for it even if you can’t see it just yet.

That lousy mushroom, in your worldly eyes, may just be the perfect mushroom for you in God’s eyes.

And just because someone else has that awesome looking mushroom doesn’t mean that you need it too. You’re not that person. You’re different. And God will cater to your special needs in a way that you might not understand yourself. Because he knows you way more than you ever will!

The end.


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