Slowing down

There’s a rhythm in rush these days. Where the lights don’t move and the colours don’t fade. Leaves you empty, with nothing but dreams. In a world gone shallow, in a world gone lean. Jose Gonzales- Stay alive ( this post reminded me of this song) Bro John shared about spiritual disciplines with us during […]

Stop right there.

You know, I should really just stop thinking and writing all these negative things. It’s like complaining. I wrote a few posts before this but then I realised they were all just really REALLY indirect complaints. So I just ditched them into the virtual post bin. Come on Rachel you can do better. Just stop […]


There are lots of different kinds of tears. Some of them hurt and some of them don’t. Tears from feeling loved. Tears from feeling grateful. Tears from feeling empty. Tears from feeling angry. Tears from feeling unjust. Tears of guilt. Tears of regret. Tears of lost. Tears from rejection. Tears from loneliness. Tears from being […]

The Thankful List #2

It’s about time number 2 came out! This week I’m thankful for … Flower balloons, smiling aunties, Hi-fiving kids and raising lots of money. For productive days great ideas and completing all my graphic design tasks! YEAHHH WOOOO Mission accomplished (in a French accent, like meessheeeooon ayecompleeshay) *Wipes sweat off forehead and fingers…and keyboard* For slowly […]

The Island

There’s an island off the coast of my head far away. It sits, just waiting for a sailing wave But surrounded by a fog, the wave gets really lost. And a cold wind blows it another way. And now a furry little friend sees the island. She knows it’s the right way to go. But […]

First impressions.

You know, I’m a person that forms conclusions pretty quickly. Just from observing the way people act or talk. I know I know, it’s just a nicer way of saying judgemental. But I didn’t mean judgemental as in condemning people by speculations and first impressions. I mean just little remarks and facts about someone. It’s […]


  It feels a little surreal. I’m starting school tomorrow. I’m actually starting school! School seems like some foreign idea now. (Okay so maybe I’m just exaggerating a little but really it does feel a tad bit strange) Who uses ‘tad’ anyway. Only British people do. I’m surprisingly calm though. I don’t really feel anything […]

Head and the Heart

Do you think it’s possible for you to have two different beliefs? Like if your head didn’t agree with your heart. It sounds cliché, but today on the bus I actually realized what that feels like. It’s actually quite horrible. Honestly, I don’t even know what to follow. Which one does God speak to anyway? […]

Dust Sprites

Dust sprites are extremely shy creatures that get their name by wrapping themselves in balls of dust. No one has really, actually seen a dust sprite beyond the walls of stringy, web like dust they construct around themselves. Commonly seen as house pests, dust sprites are very much unwelcome in the houses of the people […]