The Creature



There’s this one creature of the night that you must really be careful of.

It’s a haunter. Which means it follows you around a lot. Sometimes you barely even know it’s there. Sometimes you do but you just play it cool and act like it isn’t. Because you’re scared of what it will do to you. The scary thing is, only you can see it. No one else can. You can try to describe it, but no one will ever see this creature the way you do. It looks different to each of us.

I’ll try to explain what kind of a creature it is. I’m still studying it.

The one I’m talking about is a monster. A silent monster. It’s…tall, and thin. Stealthy like a shadow. If you ever do catch yourself staring into the eyes of this creature, you are in really deep trouble. Most people will have the smarts enough to know they shouldn’t. It’s sort of a natural instinct. It’s like how we all know we should never stand too close to an edge of a cliff. Well, staring into the soulless eyes of this creature is like staring into a pit of never ending darkness. Some people do end up looking in too deep, a little too long, and they fall into the eyes of the creature and never manage to get back out. Trapped, for eternity. That’s how this creature consumes you. You should never, ever, stare too long.

Look away while you can. Please.

You only need to be afraid of it if you think too much. See, when you think, your brain emits something. Kind of like a scent. Those electrical thingies that fly about inside of you, there are different kinds. And each of them attracts all sorts of creatures. And when you think about a particular bad thought for too long, your brain will emit a scent. And the creature will come quiet as the night, stalking you from the shadows, looking for any possibility of a glance from you. Because it smells you and it knows it’ll have a chance at you.

It wants you. It wants your eyes the most. Those lovely eyes, full of life. Oh how it hungers that life. And those eyes that love.

Sometimes you may feel it behind you. Sometimes inside you. You don’t know really where it is…all I can say is that, it’s with you.


Once you let the creature capture your attention, it’s hard to completely let it go. It’s a dark beauty. It feeds you with thoughts that kill you and yet, you get addicted and you want more and more and more. It comes closer to you, not so silent anymore. And if you let it stare at you in the face, you’ll see its eyes very clearly. At this point, it’s hard to resist. Hard to back out.


At this point, the world will never be the same again. For you. Everything you see will bring pain to you. Because for everything else that you see, the creature will drag its long, sharp fingernails down your heart, tugging at it to look back into its eyes.

It’s a horrible thing. It’s a curse.

This creature will steal away your light, consume the very essence of you. It’ll feed on your love, burn your nights alone.


When your eyes see nothing but the creature, happy things will turn into torment.

When you listen to the creature’s whispers, raspy but yet entrancing, that’s when you fall.


Its words will be the last that you’ll ever hear.


The worst part is, that you had all the power to look away. All you had to do was to turn. To choose not to stare back at it.

But you let it feed on you anyway.

That’s why the trapped never return.


They blame it on themselves.






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