Dream log #9 #10 and #11


Jia Shin and I were in some department store basement and we were looking at all the cool things together. There was this pop up squishy banana cake sticker she said she really liked and keychains with the sea monkeys in them.

Then we went to a section with Harry potter merchandise and I wanted to take a selfie with her wearing fake Harry potter glasses but I was a little too embarrassed to randomly take pictures with shop merchandise so I stalled. Then I saw some shop assistant staring at us. He approached us and we just made small talk then left.

After walking out I realised that the Harry Potter glasses were in our pockets and we had stolen them and we didn’t know how to give them back. That was when I woke up.


It’s night time and I’m roaming about this city. Tall buildings everywhere, night lights flickering like some bad horror show.

There are people walking around, but then they more of staggered around.

I can’t really remember most of this dream though. I remember I was wearing this black leather jacket, and somehow I had a katana slung on my back.

Plus, these people were really zombies.

Like, you could tell from the colour of their eyes and the transparency of their skin. These three girls approached me slowly, their motions threatening. And I grabbed my katana and swung it towards them slicing through them neatly.

The blade slid through them as easily as using a knife to cut butter. I don’t know why in all my dreams it’s so easy to cut people up! ._. Okay that sounds morbid.

I sliced off their heads and their limbs with lightning speed and that attracted a lot of attention. The other people around me were zombies too as it turns out.

Then I remember running into this huge, glass building. And there was a girl following me. A human girl. I was supposed to take care of her and keep her safe-ish.

I told her we had to climb up the building somehow, and there was this pipe going all the way up to the glass ceiling, say 10 storeys up. It was made of just a metal cage netting.

We started climbing, but. As we got really high up, I looked down, and saw this group of zombies looking at us from below outside the building through the glass wall.

They saw us and I think I panicked at this point and woke up.


I had this one this morning and it’s really hard to remember the whole story. I’ll just write down what I do.

It’s dark too, but it’s got more of a misty, twilight feel to it rather than just pure night time.

Im sort of standing in a carpark of a school building. And it’s fenced up by that green wire fence. I’m with these two men who look straight out of a Hong Kong action movie. The bad kinds. The gangsta mafia type. But somehow I think I’m helping them.

Then suddenly, a police car comes drifting into the carpark, it’s lights flashing. It halts to a stop right in front of us, and a bald man with a leather jacket with sunglasses gets out of it.

I knew he wasn’t a cop. He just somehow stole the car and he was trying to kill these two men with me.

Then another car comes roaring in and then another.

We were cornered completely.

I think they had some rough discussion about something. And then the guys from the three police cars got really angry.

One of them got back into his car and before I knew it, he started forward towards the guy on my left, and rammed into his legs, and I winced. I think he kept at it for a while, and the guy screamed in agony.

The other car did the same thing on the guy on my right. I somehow avoided it though I was standing really close to him, and ended up on top of the front of the car (what’s that part called again) oh the hood. The hood of the car.

The guy was pinned to the fence behind me.

Then I woke up.


Actually no, I really wanted to get out of that dream before my legs got crushed so… Yay… I think.

But anyway, I just finished watching Inception on AXN (they were doing a Leo trio marathon) and thought of all these dreams.

That feeling of waking up is just so surreal. Well actually, that feeling is real.

It’s really cool how dreams feel so real.

Like you’re completely absorbed and stuck in the moment until either something from the real world wakes you up, or something from the one inside of you tells you you should stay there too long. Unless you want to die. Or feel pain.

You always, always wake up before you die or get stabbed or something.

Wonder if anyone has ever dreamt up to the point where they die. Or get stabbed and really feel it._. Gosh.


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