Pin wheel


It’s been a pretty tiring start to this week so far.

Honestly, I really feel like just lying on my bed and doing nothing.

Which I realise is called “sleeping” but anyway.

It doesn’t help when I don’t really have a lot of support for what I’m doing at home.

The only place I can type this post is in the toilet, so as I sit on the toilet bowl, I feel peace and quiet.

Peace and quiet is nice. Without people breathing down your neck all the time. Rush and deadlines and work.

Imagine a field full of swaying grass, the soft kind, that doesn’t prick you if you ever leap into it.

A warm sunlight, and a cold wind.

Just laying there, staring into a blue sky full of clouds. Dreaming…

Maybe heaven would be like that. Rest is important to God, so I’m sure He’ll have some off-day for us too!

You know how the spirit comes like a rushing wind?

I thought of an idea.

We’re like pinwheels.

Folded paper on a stick stuck with a pin. All sorts of different colours.

And the spirit comes like a rushing wind and some of us let ourselves spin along with Him.

Some don’t and keep their pins screwed in too tight.

I’m now a pretty battered old pin wheel. Full of holes and tears. A little crumpled.

(‘Pretty’ as in ‘quite’, and not ‘pretty’ as in ‘aesthetically pleasing haha)


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