Dust Sprites

Dust sprites are extremely shy creatures that get their name by wrapping themselves in balls of dust.

No one has really, actually seen a dust sprite beyond the walls of stringy, web like dust they construct around themselves.

Commonly seen as house pests, dust sprites are very much unwelcome in the houses of the people of Sky. It is generally practiced to keep all windows and doors facing the direction of the sun in the morning to be kept shut throughout the night. Otherwise, these pesky little creatures may just find their way into your home.

As they move around in the air as a colony, it is not a very pleasant situation to find a swarm of them (averaging into the hundreds) flooding your home as they leave dust all over the place.

Dust sprites are attracted to pools of golden sunlight that shine onto surfaces, preferably in the early hours of the morning or in the late evenings. It is best to keep curtains drawn when trying to get rid of them.

Dust sprites are generally harmless creatures although there have been reports of dust sprites being choking hazards of sleeping humans.

They are also believed to whisper strange things into the ears of sleeping children, which can range from narrating dreams to prophecies and even blessings.

Dust sprites can float up to great heights, the furthest ever recorded being up to 651 metres above sea level.

Dust sprites do not make great pets as they are wondering spirits.

There are little known uses for dust sprites commercially. (Besides making stuffing content to be used in items such as pillows and beds from the soft dust they leave behind)

Dust sprites have been studied to move by squirting puffs of air out from within, wheezing around in small, quick darts. However, it is noted that they cannot travel long distances as this motion tires the creatures out easily. They therefore can only migrate to various parts of Sky by catching onto seasonal drafts of winds.p

Dust sprites have only been recorded to interact with children. Barely do they draw close to humans of ages 15 and above.

They also make squeaky, high pitched whines when touched, but will eventually dart away far enough before the toucher is able to have contact with them again.

It is unknown of whether dust sprites consume any substances as food, as previously mentioned, they have never been observed out of their dust balls.


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