Making a difference!

It was a lot harder for me to see my role as an usher head in church at first.

You know… because it kind felt like I wasn’t really doing anything much, even though I was sort of ‘promoted’. When I say promoted I meant given a bigger set of responsibilities, ‘promotions’ in church shouldn’t really have too big of an emphasis on titles really.

It was because I wasn’t doing any more than what I’ve been doing as an usher all this while. I didn’t try to step up to lead, organize things properly, motivate people or pray for them, all I did was watch by the sidelines and just do my own quiet things in the background. Because that’s what I keep telling myself. That serving in the background was better.

Even the people who are ‘supposedly’ under me knew my Job better than me. Me being a completely forgetful and unorganized clutter head. I constantly forgot stuff and they had to remind me.

I’ve been trying to step forward in my role these few months. Trying to look out for others. Trying to get their energy up. Trying to be more approachable and friendly. Initiating conversations. Trying to remember to not be demanding all the time and also to thank people for their efforts too. All these things I’ve slowly picked up from Sis Livia, who has shown me what it means to be a leader in the service ministry. I really admire her for how she has made the effort to show care for me amidst the busy service ministry that’s really quite technical in a lot of things and operations.

Tonight I got a little encouragement from an usher whom I’ve always admired for his enthusiasm. He’s always bubbly and cheerful and so eager to serve and he’s not afraid to do weird stuff too! ahaha. Which I always make them do.

“Thanks for the enthusiasm!!” I sent

“I got the enthusiasm from you:))” was his reply.

wow. I was completely shocked that I could have impacted someone even if it was a small thing.

This was exactly, the best BEST BEST thing I could wish for any Usher. To gain the enthusiasm to serve. I think I kinda want to make it a mission for Usher leaders.

That by the time they leave the usher team, they’d have a passion for serving.

Which also reminded me, that I should thank my own leaders for having impacted me every once in a while too, to encourage them in the way that this usher had for me.

And I really look forward to making a difference. Even if it’s just small differences over long periods of time. Hard as it is being a constant process, well, I pray that God will always remind me on this goal! and that He’ll point out opportunities for me to do so.

I think making a difference is something that everyone wants anyway. It’s just different people want to make different differences. Haha that sentence is rather interesting.

No one would ever want to leave this world without a single impact on it. I’m sure. Absolutely positive. As positive as the positive side of a AA Battery. Or an AAA Battery. It doesn’t really matter.



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