It feels a little surreal. I’m starting school tomorrow. I’m actually starting school! School seems like some foreign idea now. (Okay so maybe I’m just exaggerating a little but really it does feel a tad bit strange) Who uses ‘tad’ anyway. Only British people do.

I’m surprisingly calm though. I don’t really feel anything much. Maybe tomorrow it’ll hit me in a single blow and my stomach will knot itself into a loop de loop.

I think I did fairly okay conversing in the whatsapp group I just got added into. I even made a new friend! (Well, acquaintance) She made a joke that she said wasn’t funny but I said it was and I actually smiled. Well at least I hope it’s a she. That’s the thing about Chinese names. Sometimes it gets really confusing. But her messages were really cute with all these ^^ and :0 and she just sounds like a girl so it should.

ahhhhhhhhh. Okay I shall now go talk to jairia about tomorrow because that’s what friends do for first-day-of-school-type-things.

My goal for tomorrow?? Well, I guess I just want to have fun and make friends. Nothing special really. Jairia said I should be myself. Well, I’ll just do what feels natural and not go overly crazy and hyped up but not emo shy and reserved. Both of which I can be but just don’t feel as right.


It’s tomorrow. Gosh. The moment I’ve been waiting for for quite some time now. That new chapter thing starts tomorrow.




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