First impressions.

You know, I’m a person that forms conclusions pretty quickly. Just from observing the way people act or talk.

I know I know, it’s just a nicer way of saying judgemental. But I didn’t mean judgemental as in condemning people by speculations and first impressions. I mean just little remarks and facts about someone.

It’s like how you’d think someone’s totally shy and introverted the first time you meet them because they didn’t talk much, but when really they’re pretty talkative inside.

Something like that. I’d jump to conclusions pretty easily.

Today we had a small activity held with total strangers, and there was a Malay guy called Rizwan in my group. He didn’t smile much, and looked kinda like some tough guy who played rugby. We were supposed to act out a small skit, but he didn’t really participate very actively. And looked pretty uninterested. And I thought… Man, what if my future group mates would be like that? Not participative and cold and scary? Brrrr.

On the way home, I was just messing with my phone while waiting for the train when I looked up and saw Rizwan standing in front of me. Well, I wanted to be polite and you know, I did say I was gonna step out of my comfort zone a little. So I tapped him and said hello.

We ended up talking all the way back, and he was totally not the person I thought he was. He was actually really friendly and he was just really laid back. In fact, he kinda reminds me of someone I know and that was interesting to me. Like really, he was spot on exactly like this person I know. And I thought he’d make a really cool classmate but turns out he’s not in my class so I was kinda sad:/

Well, at least now I’ve learnt not to make assumptions too quickly. To
Give everyone a chance and this way… I won’t miss out on meeting someone who could have been a friend just because of first impressions.

OH HEY but I wasn’t all completely wrong on my first impressions. He did play rugby in secondary school.


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