The Island

There’s an island off the coast of my head far away.
It sits, just waiting for a sailing wave

But surrounded by a fog, the wave gets really lost.
And a cold wind blows it another way.

And now a furry little friend sees the island.
She knows it’s the right way to go.

But she meets another two-eared creature,
And he tells her it’s the wrong way, it’s what he knows.

So she sits down and looks at it from the place so far away.
She sits down and tries to remember.

Remember a time when the days were filled with sun,
A time when the view was much clearer.

Now he pulls her up from the ground with his two ears twitching.
He tells her the island’s full of mud and rain.

He whispers in her ear, what he sees, what he fears.
He whispers of the insanity and the pain.

But she gets a sail flag and a boat, an umbrella and a coat
And she sets off to the island…anyway.


The End!

It’s been a long time since I tried to write a poem. Well, at least this time I put in more effort into the rhyming and rhythm of the whole thing instead of just stringing a bunch of random sentences that come to mind. It could mean a lot of things. I guess the meaning of it changes with your own experiences and things…which I like. If I read this again some other time in the future I’d probably relate to it in a different way. Some songs do that too. (Those rare treasures in the indie folk corner of YouTube for example)

I wish I could somehow turn it into a song. But I don’t really have the skills:(


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