The Thankful List #2

It’s about time number 2 came out!

This week I’m thankful for …

Flower balloons, smiling aunties, Hi-fiving kids and raising lots of money.

For productive days great ideas and completing all my graphic design tasks! YEAHHH WOOOO Mission accomplished (in a French accent, like meessheeeooon ayecompleeshay) *Wipes sweat off forehead and fingers…and keyboard*

For slowly being able to not overthink too much. And learning how to look back with a smile.

For scary experiences and anxiety (Because they made me appreciate having friends more)

For meeting people who I really wanted to be in the same class with, but ended up otherwise.

For finally realizing why that happened too.

For courage to say “Hello” and “What’s your name?” and strangers who walk alone without any groups.

For a familiar face! Actually many familiar faces. but one familiar face was the most important.

For differences in taste of music. Totally complete differences. and long MRT rides.

For busy days because by the end of the day I’m so exhausted I just slump into bed and I can’t remember what happens next. (Even dreams0.o) I don’t know why that feels good though.

For learning new things! About myself and others. And art therapy methods.

For an unexpected new friend to talk to on a long bus ride and loads of similarities! and being able to think of random conversation topics.

For this whole new journey that I’m slowly setting sail on. I’m like preparing the mast and the sail and some rope now. Sliding down into the waves from the sandy shore.

For a new wallet to carry things that mean a lot to me with me wherever. (when was the last time I even had a proper wallet?!)

and lastly for being able to do this:

HAHAH. Hah. Haaaaaaah.

(It’s me from the future laughing at my past awkward self)



I should really do these more often:D


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