Slowing down

There’s a rhythm in rush these days.
Where the lights don’t move and the colours don’t fade.
Leaves you empty, with nothing but dreams.
In a world gone shallow, in a world gone lean.

Jose Gonzales- Stay alive ( this post reminded me of this song)

Bro John shared about spiritual disciplines with us during cell last week, and besides quiet time, prayer and worship, there was also something called ‘slowing down’.

Basically, it’s trying to slow down to appreciate God more.

Which is really interesting to me.

Like how we’re all always rushing for something everyday, with our day packed full of loads of activities. We don’t really make time for just resting in God. It’s how we can appreciate the wonders of nature only by slowing down. It’s how we can see things and appreciate things we normally wouldn’t give a second thought or glance too just by slowing down.

Now as life gets a little (okay a lot) busier I think I might forget this.

You know, I should try to take a breather every once in a while to just clear my mind of the day’s hectic schedule and instead fill my mind with appreciation and gratefulness and to observe more and reflect back on all God has done. (that was a pretty long run on sentence)


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