It’s not about me.

I think it’s really important that I align myself every once in a while to what God intended for me to be. I live my life exactly the way I walk. Steering left and right and bumping into everyone when I’m supposed to be just walking straight (I only do that to people I’m closer […]

Dear God

Please just help me to stop doing stupid things to myself. Cover my ears from those horrible voices. Laughter. At me. At my patheticness. Help me to hold on to you instead. I’m tired of letting these things get to my head. I’m not going to let myself go there again. It’s really time I […]

Little moments

There are times in a day when I wish I could just capture perfectly. Well, not as a picture, or a video. I was thinking more of just capturing a moment. I wish I could remember exactly how a moment felt like for the rest of my life. Exactly as it was. Perhaps re-live it […]

The Taxi Driver

Something really cool happened today that got me and Jairia squealing and jumping after we got out of the cab. It was kind of a series of unprecedented events, really. All we wanted to do was to try to get to church in time from Newton, but we thought we were making all the wrong […]

Be Brave Rachel!!

It’ll really be really really really sad if I chicken out. It’s like burying things away again. I can already see myself just not going through with it and biting my lip and stuffing it back.   I hope I don’t make things worse. That’ll be even sadder when all I really want to do […]

Day of Dialouges

(I like what I did with the title.) Today felt like one of those days where you just float from one place to the next. It wasn’t full of happiness the entire time, but looking back, I do feel happy. Our Sociology Lecturer took us to this place called Dialogue in the Dark! It’s this […]

Just Friends again.

I’m starting to like books that feel really real. I mean, books that feel like as if they were really written by someone who actually exists. I like how books do that. It feels like you really know the person. And the more I read about the person, the more I love the person. Reading […]

Bacteria party

How long can a sting from disinfectant last? Sometimes…it’s really hard to believe that something that hurts so much is good for you. It’s not that the pain is there all the time. Something triggers it, usually. Like how you don’t really feel much pain from a cut unless someone sprays water all over it. […]