Quote in Class.

Today In Introduction to Community Services class we had to read some quotes from all sorts of notable old people and we had to pick our favourite, or the one that spoke to us the most.

I picked this one from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

And we were supposed to share with our partner why we chose that and discuss about it. Which was pretty cool!

I was the only one in the class who chose this quote._.

I learnt pretty late that life isn’t about finding happiness. (Well I guess some people don’t even learn it at all so I should count myself lucky). It’s pretty hard to prove my stand to someone who doesn’t believe in a greater purpose than himself/herself. I’m sure we all definitely want our lives to be meaningful, but happiness and meaningfulness don’t always go together. We suffer sometimes for that meaning and purpose.

And I think that’s how people are able to commit suicide or see no point in living anymore. Actually I think that’s the main reason why people do that. Of course you’d see no point in living if your main point in life is to be happy. Because when it comes a time when all that happiness is being taken away from you, your whole point of existence would be gone. And you wouldn’t mind not existing anymore.

That’ll be my argument for people who don’t believe in God. Or service. I think that’s when their only God is themselves because they are the greatest point in their universe.

As for those who do, well, life isn’t about ourselves but about Him right? I think that’s pretty much self explanatory.

I shared with my partner about my purpose in life.

“It’s not so much of chasing after happiness but rather…serving God right?”

(He was Christian so he understood)

And showing love in that service. Plus service to others is the same as serving God, which is the same as loving others too since serving is loving. I really like how everything somehow links! (Confusing as it may be)

Our Lecturer Dr. Juliet told us that someone from another class had a pretty strong opinion against the quote I chose. That person said something like, “I strongly disagree with this quote. Of course our main point in life is to find happiness.”

It irked me so badly!!! I wanted to say so many things to that person but I have no idea who it was so…nevermind.

Yeah I know, we are all entitled to our own opinions and we should respect their decisions and stuff (Something else that was taught to us during class) but I really really wanted so badly to talk to that person.

Well anyway who am I to preach. It’s not like I practice it all the time. Sometimes I lose focus on what matters most and then I feel so sorry for myself and dwell in my sadness. I’m trying to change that.

I think I wrote about this before. Something about chasing fluffy unicorns or something.


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