The Other Side of the Moon

We’re all like moons.

We have a side that’s lit up really well. But we have another side that we so desperately want to hide in the shadows.

We can never be fully lit all around. And there will be times when we won’t be lit up at all, and people can’t see who we really are.

They’d have to jump into their rockets and take an orbit around you.

Those are the ones who truly know you, they know the beauty of you in the light, and they know the coldness and harshness of you in the other.

Some people would rather no one saw that side.

But if no one saw that side, no one would have really seen you, you know?

No one could love you for both sides.

We will always exist with both sides, even if sometimes it feels like only one exists when that’s the only part people see.

And when we realise, and accept, and know that side of other people and ourselves…I think it’ll make it a lot easier to live.


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