Social Workers

Today was a really inspiring day!

We got the chance to go on a field trip to SCC Family Service Centre, and it was really not what I had expected at all. I’d thought it’d be some office where people would come and consult and seek help, but they had done up the place to look like a café and it had a really casual, fun and friendly feel to it.

And I got to meet actual social workers. Real life social workers. I say this as if they’re some rare endangered species of animal._. When they introduced themselves, I got really excited. In my head, my voice was going, “Whoaaaa. Woooow! They are really super cool!!” (Of course I got weird looks from my friend)

I kinda think of them as superheroes. They really are. Superheroes that I want to be like someday.

Seeing them and how they interact with the people, being privileged to listen to their personal stories and to have the opportunity to help them I think is a really great gift.

I hope I can be someone like that one day. I don’t know if I’m strong enough. Or if I can. It takes so much to bear that responsibility. I guess this is why it’s important to remember to rely on God and not ourselves.

I think loads of people have the same kind of question : How do you know if this is what God wants you to do?

And I can’t remember who it was that told me, “If it goes according to what God says is his will in the bible, then who else can it be from?”

I never really thought much of prophecies. But I still remember the only one Sister Andrea gave me all those years ago.

People need love. They really do.

In the rental flats that they brought us to, we all agreed that the one thing they needed most was emotional support. And it was the only one that wasn’t met the most.

I feel really motivated to get there now, after seeing for myself what social workers really do everyday.

It’s really been a very eye-opening experience. They had us walking around the neighbourhood, on a task to identify the needs of the community and things that they lack, there’s so much that goes unnoticed everyday.


I hope I don’t get cowardly, or back out in the end, or find other priorities. Or get selfish. I hope I don’t change my mind in the future just because of these reasons.


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