The Vast Sky and the Vast Field

Today during soccer we had a chance to play on the school’s ridiculously high-class field. (Fake grass, bouncy, rubbery gravel and soft wire netting0.o)

And for a moment in time, I just stood there and admired the sky. It just looked so much more beautiful at that moment than it had ever been. It was so big, and majestic, and what an amazing, pure blue it was.

Swirling clouds, wispy-ish, hiding the glaring sun so that I could admire the sky in all its amazing radiance. Haha. No but really, it felt so great.

Maybe it was because it was a really wide, large open space. I love places like these. They make me feel really free.


The world suddenly feels so small.

I feel so small.

Like I’m just this one dot in that great vast field. (Okay maybe it wasn’t that vast)

The collective feeling of “Ahhhhhh”s and “Whoaaaaa”s.

And peace. With the sky so empty and tranquil.


But I kinda only had a few seconds to feel all these in the middle of soccer practice.


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