Thoughts on a train

They say time heals everything.

But I don’t know if it really works. I guess a little. But I don’t think time heals all things.

What’s time anyway. What makes him so powerful (or her but since it’s Father Time I guess it’s him) It’s just… Time.. PSSH.

There are things that will still be with you no matter how much time passes. It’s scary.

Like how you’d always miss a person when he/she is gone forever. No one can ever mean the same way they did to you because they have their own specific memories and specialness that they carry along with them.

Has time healed me?

I don’t think so.

( I can’t believe I just teared up on a train. In public. But I’m very discreet so it’s okai)

And at this point of time, it feels like it never will. I’ll always carry a part of that wherever I go.

I feel it the most especially when I’m alone.

It’s funny how as I just typed that, ‘By your side’ started to play on my shuffle.

Even if I’m carrying bags and things from a time ago, I should remember I’m not alone, and never will be.


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