Dream Log #12

I was walking around downstairs At the HDB void decks, and suddenly I spot this hamster-like creature near a pillar. I walk towards it and surprisingly it drew closer to me, and I took out my phone to take a picture of it and it didn’t run away! It also gave birth to 4 babies of all sorts of colours right in front of me and it was pretty weird.

Then suddenly I’m not in my dream anymore, instead I see this man on my living room couch beating up another. And I remember there was a broken glass bottle and Man A slammed Man B onto the broken glass and it stabbed Man B in the back. Then a sinister patch of a dark red blood seeped into the front of his shirt right where his heart was, and he died. Man A then stuffed Man B’s body into a bag and threw him down the rubbish chute.I think they were Caucasian.

I can’t remember what happened next, but I know Man A got caught and was locked up in one room in the same house (Which wasn’t anything like my house anymore) And there was a woman there too. Somehow the woman betrayed him, and Man A was locked up in that room forever. I wish I could remember more.



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