Where the Spirit of the Lord is, There is Freedom (2 Cor 3:17)

I never really understood what it meant by God setting us free, a year or two ago.

It’s confusing, how is it freedom when Christians are the ones who are always not allowed to do so many things?


So as you can tell I didn’t really understand those songs that talked about being free from our chains, being set free and stuff.

Now I understand it more than ever.

You know when I’ve done something wrong, and I know deep down that it’s all my fault, I feel so trapped.

What gives you the right to worship and serve God when you’ve done so and so? How can you enjoy yourself when you’ve done this and that? Voices in my head. Or feelings. Guilt.

You can’t even live life properly. You can’t ever live life properly if things are haunting you.

When the world talks about freedom, it tells you that freedom is being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want. That was how I always saw freedom to be before I really started to think more about it.

I don’t know what freedom isn’t about, but I know what freedom is. Freedom is being able to live without any weights. Without being tied down with sin. (Which leads to guilt and there are many things we can’t do when we feel guilt)

Being able to talk to God like a friend.

Being able to serve him and feeling privileged to instead of feeling undeserving.


And most of the time, the people who say they are free because they can do whatever they want (drinking, smoking and all the *Ahem* stuff) are the ones tied down to them in the first place.

I guess they call us fools too, like “How can you say you’ve been set free when all you’re doing is being some servant to some God?”

Well, it’s freedom if that’s what I want to do and I am able to do it, right?

And God set us free from the consequences of sin not so that we can indulge in it more, but so that we can Serve one another in love and serve him as well. And to serve with joy.


Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeedoooooooooooom!!!!!

Where the spirit of the Lord is chains are broken, eyes are opened

Christ is wiiiiiiitttthhh usssssss, Christ is wiiiiiiiiittthhhh usssss!!!!!

(I tried to sing this song in text form and I don’t think it’s working)





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