The Taxi Driver

Something really cool happened today that got me and Jairia squealing and jumping after we got out of the cab.

It was kind of a series of unprecedented events, really. All we wanted to do was to try to get to church in time from Newton, but we thought we were making all the wrong choices and mistakes, and yet we knew why those things happened!!


1) Decided to take the MRT instead of taking a cab from Newton. I don’t know why we thought it was the best idea and I have no idea why I was so dead on for taking the MRT even though everyone else was taking a cab.

2) Made the mistake of getting on the wrong train. We were rushing and we just darted into this train headed for the wrong direction. By the time Jairia realised this, the doors were already closed.

3) We really didn’t know what to do and decided we’d just get off at the next stop. BUT the doors suddenly opened again and we cried out in relief “THANK YOU GOD!!!” before rushing out again.

4) Took the (right) train and when we reached Redhill MRT Station, something just told me to ask Jairia if she wanted to get off here and take a cab instead because we were really going to be very late. I don’t know why of all places, but she just nodded and we laughed at the fact that we agreed on something so out of the blue in 2 seconds and rushed out of the train again.

5) Hailed a Taxi who came almost instantaneously.


Maybe God led us to this particular Taxi Driver, because we ended up conversing with the driver about religion all the way back._. Well, at least, Jairia did most of the talking in chinese (I couldn’t even form a proper sentence) and I whispered English stuff for her to translate when I wanted to say something. The cab uncle even pointed out he noticed I was horrible at Chinese hahahahaha._.

He even told us that he would like to drive us again if he could because we were so nice to talk to, and that we ‘had hearts’ (I’m translating this directly from Chinese).

And Jairia asked him if he ever wanted to come to church, and told him that services were on Sundays.

He said that if he went, he’d say that two teenage girls asked him to go!!!

This is one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me, of all the chances we had of getting into this particular uncle’s cab, at that exact point in time that we didn’t miss him, because of all the small minor setbacks we had traveling back, and all the random weird decisions we made. It really is something else other than us doing all these things.


God’s timing is always perfect, even if it meant that we’d be late for church for almost half an hour.


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