Little moments

There are times in a day when I wish I could just capture perfectly. Well, not as a picture, or a video. I was thinking more of just capturing a moment.

I wish I could remember exactly how a moment felt like for the rest of my life. Exactly as it was.

Perhaps re-live it again.

Moments like a small adventure I had with my friend and another newly made one today.

At the best time of the day when the sun makes everything beautiful.

Laughing. Feeling on top of the world. Walking together in the middle of nowhere with overgrown trees over a path next to a fast-paced highway. Just that moment.

Feeling like a story book. Like part of a page. Or maybe even a movie adaptation of the story.

The perfect moment for some song that makes you feel as if you’re driving down a long highway really really fast with the window open and wind rushing past you everywhere.

Whoooooosh. Just like that.

Or standing right at the front of the bus and feeling as if you’re flying. And realising that it’s the wrong bus and having to get back down and walk all the way back again.

But it was okay because there was a small bridge that felt as if I were walking down a highway. And it was good because I had great songs with me to sing along to and no one could hear me.

Even quiet moments. Just sitting on the bus in the mornings with gloomy skies outside. Leaning against the window. Thinking of things as always, but with another great (but sad) song playing with me. It could also be a sad moment I want to capture. Because sad moments are sometimes as beautiful as the lyrics of really sad songs.

I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s just, a time in a day when you just feel aware of that moment. Moments go by all the time without us really being aware of them even if we were living it. And when we don’t appreciate that moment when it’s there, that point of time when you’re alive in that moment, it goes by, and you’ll never get it back the same way it was. The exact way it felt.

A memory is when you try to recreate that moment. But somehow it’s just never the same.

Little moments like that are really precious.

I really wish I could relive them and be happy rather than sad that they’re gone forever.



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