Brain Mountain Hiking Expedition

I feel like I went back in time to the beginning of Secondary 3. Secretly wishing something cool would happen to me, like suddenly being bestowed crazy cool powers. I used to imagine stuff like that before I slept. Come up with some cool story of me being some demon hunter or something like that. […]

Take Control

Today would be what I’d like to think of as a success day!! But then the quiet voice inside of me reminded me that it wasn’t of my own strength but His. I’m glad I prayed. I really am. I was in the shower when I was reminded of that. *me in shower* “I think […]

Who He Is

I think I really forget who God is sometimes. He becomes this formless being somewhere up there, just hovering, and I forget who He is to me and who I am to Him. Today in cell, I doodled a picture of me and Him on my worksheet, and He had nice, kind gentle eyes and […]

The Fault In Our Stars

I think it’s the absoluteness of death that makes it so sad. How there’s nothing left to hope for in it. At least while you’re still alive. There’s hope in sickness, there’s hope in distance, there’s hope in time but in death there’s really just…nothing. How you’d never hear their voices again, their laugh. Make […]

Visit To Child At Street 11 #2

Reflection time! Well really I was pretty worried today would be an absolute failure and I’d forget this and that and the kids will get bored and…well, just end up disastrous. But I think we did OKAY. Except for their teacher constantly screaming at them to follow instructions. “MARCUS NEVER FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAN YOU JUST […]

It’s deep inside

Sometimes there’s just this feeling inside and I know it’s not quite alright. It looks fine on the outside, and I think I’m trying to convince myself that too. But I know it’s not really. I’m not trying hard enough. I’m just being really cautious now and it’s like threading around a volcano that I […]

Visit to Child at Street 11 #1

Children are really great. So noisy and full of energy and dancing and prancing around everywhere. There was this kid who was probably around 3-4 years old who just randomly grabbed my hand while I was discussing stuff with my group mates, even though I never met him before, and pulled me away and I […]

Gender Socialisation

It’s really hard to shop for stuff when you’re me. I go into a shop, and 90% of the clothes I would say wouldn’t fit me at all even though I can actually fit into them perfectly fine. As I’m working on an essay now about gender socialisation, I wonder if what I think of […]

Dream Log #13

I think I was with some of the people from my retreat group, though there were others who weren’t. And we were in this hotel, just hanging around as a group.  They were all a little different. Just not themselves in their character. I only felt how different they are after I woke up though. […]

Not Going Back!!

I really don’t want to end up going backwards. Preparing for devotions every morning for the group has really let me see how much truth there is in the word of God all over again. I think overtime, I kinda just forgot and didn’t see a need to that much.  I became satisfied with where […]