On music, people and me.

I’ve really been quite obsessed with music recently.

It might just be a phase! Like a drawing phase or a crafts phase.

I just can’t go a day without listening to great songs.

It’s really cool how we all have our different tastes in music. What I find really cool, others would find boring. What they find awesome, I find has no quality. I think we just like what speaks to us most. Which kinds of songs evoke the most emotions in us. So I can’t really say my kind of music’s the best or anything. It’s just the best to me.

I’m still figuring out which kinds make me feel the most.

Songs that make me feel like I’m in a forest. Or fast ones that make me feel like I’m speeding down a highway. Or the kinds that make me feel like just sitting still and staring out the window the entire day. Or the kinds that remind me of dark nights just staring emptily at the ceiling. Or the kinds that make me want to do an air-guitar riff in the middle of nowhere as I’m walking down a road and swing my arms really wide.

It’s fun to find out the kind of music other people listen to.

It says a lot about who they were, and where they were in moments of their lives. What kinds of sounds make them feel.

And I love it when people tell me to listen to a song. Songs they like and think I’d like. I think it draws people closer, sharing music. I don’t know how it works but it just does! When someone tells you to listen to a song I’d like to think they want to share a feeling too. Or just something they really like and they hope you’d like it as much. At least, that’s what I do. (Unfortunately my friends fall asleep at my music recommendations thanks to their screamo/heavy metal/EDM tendencies) Especially Ivy and her screamo.

When I listen to a song someone else told me about, sometimes, I’d try to imagine how that person felt listening to it. Is that weird? Maybe. (And yes, I even try that for EDM but end up drawing no emotions whatsoever)

Sometimes they choose to share the music, sometimes they choose to share the lyrics. I like both, really.

I feel extremely happy when someone relates to a song the way I do. But it’s really rare.


I don’t know why I like the kind of music I like. I wonder if it was something inborn or something that came out of experiences? Like hearing a particular kind of music on accident when you were happy at one moment, and you kinda just associated that kind of music with feeling happy. I think a lot of these come from movies and background music.

I read somewhere that when you’re happy you appreciate the music and when you’re sad, you appreciate the lyrics. Which I found to be very true. I only figure out the meaning of some songs when I actually experienced what they sung about. And the lyrics became so real and so beautiful because they illustrated every unspoken feeling so accurately. I love lyrics with metaphors the most. Maybe because I like writing stuff in metaphors too.

You’d think people would hate sad songs because they make you even sadder.

There was some research on why people listen to sad songs when they’re sad, and it’s really cool:

1) Improvement of connections to their current emotions. People would rather stay with their emotions before they were ready to let go of them.

2) A memory trigger – when music is used to evoke nostalgia or feel closer to a person who was missed/died.

3) Pure aesthetic value – some people just find sad songs relaxing, beautiful and high-quality.

4) The message communicated – usually of hope.

5) To feel understood – music that belonged to a common humanity, they weren’t the only ones going through bad times.

(I just finished a psychology essay and here I am writing another one-.-)


My own music tastes have changed quite a bit over the past few years. I think they correlate to periods of time in my life.

I used to listen to a lot of heavy rock. It was my anime stage. Loads of J-rock. A little screamo even. (Like two songs) Heavy bass. Dark-ish tones. I realised during that period, I really was trying to be tough and strong. I really liked the idea of coolness. Those kinds of music made me feel rushes of adrenaline. Like as if I were going to do something really cool afterwards like jump onto a motorbike and speed off to kill demons and things. I also had an interest in fighting and swords at that point OKAY THIS IS GETTING WEIRD.

And when I was obsessed with writing my story, I kept listening to a lot of Joe Hisaishi, Studio Ghibli orchestral pieces. Narnia OSTs, my own compositions I did on garageband. And I’d imagine I was in the middle of an epic battle, or flying through the clouds or exploring cities and having great adventures. I’d sit on the LRT (The front part with the large glass screen of course) and go a whole round to nowhere with those pieces of music and imagine out the story like a movie in my head.

Towards the end of last year I really liked listening to sweet love songs with light pianos in the background, soft guitar picking/strumming, clear voices. Happy and light. Songs that’d make me smile as I went to sleep. Songs that make me feel like skipping along roads or smiling in the middle of nowhere on the bus. Happy korean drama songs. Songs that made me feel really lucky.

This year, I’ve been sticking to a lot of contemplative songs. The kind of songs that make you think a lot. The kinds you could just lay in your bed and listen to all day staring at nothing.

I’m trying to move away from those now. I still really like those though. They just make me feel like I’m floating somewhere with just myself. Indie Folk, mostly. The slow kinds. Songs with a steady bass line that sounds like a heartbeat make me feel a lot too.

But…these songs are the worst when it comes to handling emotions. They make you dwell in them. I should probably stop listening to them so much (which is impossible because my whole YouTube playlist is an arsenal of sad indie songs). Well anyway most indie folk songs have really depressing lyrics so you can’t really blame me.

As I’m typing this I’m listening to some random collection of Indie folk on YouTube and it’s late at night and everyone’s asleep and I’m alone, and I feel so surreal.



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