Dream Log #13

I think I was with some of the people from my retreat group, though there were others who weren’t. And we were in this hotel, just hanging around as a group. 

They were all a little different. Just not themselves in their character. I only felt how different they are after I woke up though. I remember feeling extremely left out. There was a point of time when I couldn’t take it and left for a while in the midst of everything, and went to sit in a corner.

I think I went back to them when I was okay again, but there was something wrong with my mouth. I could’t move it at all no matter how hard I tried, and my teeth were really tightly grinding against each other. It hurt and I was really scared. I think the thought that I was possessed came through my mind.

I tried telling some of the people but couldn’t say anything, and they just looked at me weirdly and were quite disgusted with the sound that my teeth were making. I felt so frustrated and desperate, but I couldn’t do anything.

And then I woke up in the darkness, lying on my bed, and there was this horrible looking creature standing right next to me. It had dark brown, wrinkled skin, looked somewhat like a short, disfigured human, and its ribs were poking out from its thin skin. It didn’t have a face but it had a huge head. Its spine was bent down and its arms hung in the air as if they were dead.

I tried to scream for my parents but I couldn’t move or make a sound. I tried raising my left arm but I had totally no control over my body. It was so scary, the creature was just right next to me and I couldn’t do anything to help myself.

And it spoke, saying, “Come girl, Come” In a horrible deep voice that echoed in my head, and in my head I was screaming “NO!” and tried to turn my head away from it with all my strength but I couldn’t. I could only open and close my eyes. 

Then I cried out in my head for God to help me, and then I really woke up.

It was so scary because I was still in the exact same position as I was in my dream, facing the exact spot where the creature was, but I could move my arms again. That line between the dream and reality was so thin, it felt so real. 

I think I just experienced waking up but still in a dream state, so weird things could still happen but my whole body being paralysed completely. 

I remember feeling so relieved that I could turn around. And it was a pretty humid night but I felt so cold waking up. 

It feels crazy that I actually believed it happened now. But at that point of time it was so real! 

Dreams are cool.


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