Visit To Child At Street 11 #2




Reflection time!

Well really I was pretty worried today would be an absolute failure and I’d forget this and that and the kids will get bored and…well, just end up disastrous. But I think we did OKAY. Except for their teacher constantly screaming at them to follow instructions.


Real screams. Bellowing screams that remind me of the principal in Matilda by Roald Dahl.

Kinda brings me back to my own days at my child care centre where no day will pass without Mdm Xiao Screaming her lungs out at us.

Children warm up to strangers pretty fast though. And they were really fun to teach. If I ever not end up being a social worker I think being a teacher would be quite nice.

There were two girls who didn’t want this other girl to be in their group.

I said gently, “Share okay? Be nice laaaah” persuading them to accept them.

“Noooooooo Don’t want!” The two girls said in unison.

I felt sad for the girl. I mean I knew she wanted to do everything and not share but, it kind of reminded me of how childcare was like in the past. There were always social outcasts.

I wonder what kind of mother I’ll be if I ever am one in the future.

I think I’d be pretty strict. My friends also say that too. I think I’d be the embarrassing kind too, I’m already an embarrassing friend. Who needs auto correct to help spell embarrassing which I spelt with an ‘e’. I can’t really imagine myself as a motherly figure. It’s so weird! Aunty Rachel. Aunty Rachel goes to the fish market to buy soup ingredients. There are some people that just emit motherly waves out of them, like Anna and Clarie. I think I emit the waves of either a lazy cat or a hyper-active dog.

I saw this GIF of giving birth. It was quite horrible. The whole baby’s head squeezing through a space a 100 times smaller. Ahhhhh.  But giving birth shouldn’t be too bad if for every human you see on Earth was a woman who went through childbirth. Can you imagine like another life inside of you?! Kicking and squirming. The belly actually moves when a baby kicks and you can see it, it’s cool and freaky at the same time. Very freaky.

I wonder if a child’s personality is inside of him/her or if it comes from nurture. Quiet kids and crazy kids. I think both have their charms.

I kinda was always jealous of families that were really noisy. It’s like how every time I call Wei Qian’s house, there’d always be noise in the background, or her sisters would try to disturb us. I’ve always wished I had brothers or sisters to quarrel with. I guess I just want a sibling. But I don’t know how much of a different person I’d be if I did. Maybe less melancholic all the time. I’d probably think less. It’s kind of cool to think of how different I’d be. Alternate realities. What if this and what if that. Not just siblings, I mean, alternate other things in life.

Okay I think I went pretty off the beaten trail here.

Kids are fun. There’s just something about talking to kids that’s different from talking to friends or adults. I guess I just never feel judged. And it’s like going back to a time when things were much less complicated. They don’t really hide what they feel or what’s on their mind.

They cry as hell when they feel sad. They scream when they’re angry. They laugh and roll all over the floor.

Mead’s  3 stages of development. Developing an awareness and response to other individuals instead of just the self. Haha okay.

It was really tiring though. But fulfilling.

I really hope they had fun. This boy told me that he’d miss us. And there was an ‘awwwwww’ moment in my heart and now I feel so warm and fluffy like a unicorn.

Sigh. The good kind of sigh. With a smile:D



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