Who He Is

I think I really forget who God is sometimes.

He becomes this formless being somewhere up there, just hovering, and I forget who He is to me and who I am to Him.

Today in cell, I doodled a picture of me and Him on my worksheet, and He had nice, kind gentle eyes and a big bushy beard and He wore this comfy robe. I was standing right beside Him, and I’m really really short, and He had His arm around me.

It made me feel very warm inside. And loved.

I really do take for granted His love. I forget it. It’s really quite sad. I mean, I would feel so depressed if someone slowly forgot about my love. I’d want my love to always be on their minds. What more would God feel? 

I feel so safe and peaceful remembering that God loves me like that. God. 

God used to be this abstract idea in my head. Like some invisible person before I really got to know Him. Not even a person maybe. Just something. 

But I can’t imagine God without a beard. And bushy eyebrows. And He’s always in cartoon form in my head for some reason. Either that or Aslan. I think imagining what God looks like makes it a lot easier to talk to Him. Close my eyes really tight and imagine God in heaven looking down from His throne and leaning over to one side on an arm to listen to me below. Or maybe imagining talking to God who looks like Aslan by the seaside, because in the Movie Aslan’s always walking by the seaside.

It makes me want to shut down my computer and go to bed so I can imagine walking by the seaside with God. 



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