Brain Mountain Hiking Expedition

I feel like I went back in time to the beginning of Secondary 3.

Secretly wishing something cool would happen to me, like suddenly being bestowed crazy cool powers.

I used to imagine stuff like that before I slept. Come up with some cool story of me being some demon hunter or something like that. And I’d have a really cool coat and a sword that I’d sling around my back at all times. Riding a black motorcycle around the city. I would have to find some way to slip out of class during recess to go on a mission, and meet my partner at the balcony of the Level 4 Hall. 

Now that I think about it, a lot of story plots are rushing back to my mind now. But they never really ended. I kinda just fell asleep in the middle. The next night I’d start all over again.

I don’t know why I’m suddenly thinking about stories again.

Maybe it’s just a way my brain is trying to keep its focus on something else.


It’s like letting my brain go on a mountain hiking expedition retreat every once in a while. Get my mind off things. Off anything below 600m above sea level.

I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHY my brain has to imagine something before I go to sleep. Whether it’s trying to relive a memory, or imagining the future, or imagining something impossible, or imagining something horrible and sad and tragic. Or something comforting and happy. Just something.Unless I was really tired that day and immediately blanked out upon hitting the sack.

I guess it’s a ‘since-young’ thing. That was how I made myself fall asleep. Imagining stories or scenarios.

Well I guess thinking of demon hunting and sword fighting is better than thinking of the worst possible scenarios that could happen.



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