Take Control

Today would be what I’d like to think of as a success day!!

But then the quiet voice inside of me reminded me that it wasn’t of my own strength but His.

I’m glad I prayed. I really am.

I was in the shower when I was reminded of that.

*me in shower*

“I think I did pretty okay today!”
*does some cheery dance*
*Nudge nudge*
“Oh right, sorry sorry, it’s not me sorry ah.”

Yeah it’s good to be reminded that it’s all not by my own strength and I should give all the glory to Him. Even if it was a small thing. Still His.

And to be thankful.

I really am.

I could have screwed up so badly.

I think part of giving God all the controls and the strings is just forgetting yourself and letting God take over. What would He do? Not what I want to do.


I’m really quite happy. That He helped me. Now that I think about it more, I really couldn’t have done it without Him.

And He has set me free.

*dances cheery dance again*


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