Time is so strange. It runs differently when you’re alone. And when you’re with people. And it runs differently for the different people you’re with. When you look back at it you wonder if the past exists at all. When you look ahead of it you wonder if you’ll ever get there. When you look […]

Depending on Him

Talked to Joni for a while just now. And we talked about being dependent on God. Really, how do you do that exactly?? It’s hard to come up with concrete ways to do that. She said maybe it’s about telling God everything. Confiding in Him.  ” ‘I wanna walk with you every day of my […]


This year, I think God is really trying to teach me how to depend on Him and no one else. I’ve always said I wanted to be someone strong. But I forget that strength comes not from me, but from Him. Some days, things don’t feel right and I end up feeling empty, and like […]

Morning Wind

The wind is really cool. It’s that feeling you get when it rushes past you, surrounds you, when it plays with your hair. It’s like a moving spirit on it’s own. That’s kinda how I came up with an idea for a story. But anyways. This morning it was just a simple wind that made […]


I forget sometimes how hard friendships are to build. How much time is really needed to understand someone and trust them enough. it’s only been a few months, but yet, I find myself wanting to treat them like friends I’ve known for years. But I can’t. I think I just really miss being with my […]


I actually chanced upon a really great book during May, and it was something about what to say to others during difficult times and how to help other people. I like how it wasn’t a professional instructional thing, but it was more for people who just wanted to know how to be there for their […]

Flubber floppity flop

I don’t know why I’ve been so phlegmatic these past few weeks. Months. Two months. But it’s gotten worse recently. Even during soccer today, I didn’t get my usual ‘kick’ of enthusiasm (get it hahaha). I spent most of the break time just lying on the (fake, atas) grass, staring at the fluffy white clouds […]


Today during worship, There was this part when it was just the voices, the whole church filled with voices singing songs of praise. And at that moment I just decided to shut my brain up with all its negative thoughts and just let God speak to me. “Why are you always thinking about how you […]

Stay Alive

Sometimes I think I’ve really lost the wonder in every day. I’m so busy that I don’t really have much time to just let my mind wonder about things. I’m always thinking about tomorrow, and work, and problems that I don’t actually think anymore. I don’t know if that made sense. What happens when we […]

Alarm bells

There are a lot of very interesting and diverse people in class. They would be perfect for some television sitcom. I’m just really regular. And I like that. I don’t want to try to be interesting, which was a mistake I made when I was younger-ish. I just want to be myself. And be comfortable […]