Dream Log #14

I’m in some strange part of Malaysia driving around with my parents and grandparents. And I remember there was this part where we came across a bridge where you could bungee jump off into the sea, and when thought of trying that out. But we went a little further and we saw this crazy slingshot bungee using a coconut tree. A person would pull the tip of the tree’s trunk back so much that when let go, It’d fling some human dangling off a rope high up into the sky. It looked so scary and dangerous.

We didn’t try either.

Then I was in someone’s house. It looked familiar yet I’ve never seen it before. Someone, I can’t remember if it was a girl or a boy was showing me how to make sand into something mouldable. She/He had this huge cupboard in the hallway with boards that you could wheel out to see all the little trinkets and things. And She/He put this metal dust into the sand and it held together like play dough. 

I think Maleficent (The Angelina Jolie version) was in the house too, because I remember I swore at her and said I hated her so much)o.0

I can’t remember what she did though. But I think it really pissed me off.


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