Yesterday I got a chance to practice obedience.

I could have lied about something, but I knew God was telling me that I was better than that. It would have saved me so much trouble, but I realised that I’d be living in fear for a very long time if I did. Fear of being found out.

The last two chapters we had to read as a cell was on how Joseph obeyed God’s instructions throughout even if it caused him a lot of trouble. Which is encouraging, I mean, his troubles were definitely more crazy than mine.

I can’t say I didn’t contemplate on lying. I really did.

But I’m glad I didn’t. In obedience there’s no reason to be afraid even if it means that I might get a lot of crap today during tutorial but, well, I did the right thing. There’s nothing else I can do, and I have some sort of peace in that.


I guess there’s no use worrying about this anymore.

I’ll just accept whatever nuclear bomb is going to explode in my face and blow out all my facial muscles and teeth and my eyeballs will explode and be obliterated into nothing.


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